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Baby, just say yes. [x]
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i see sparks fly whenever you smile
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Taylor Swift is the second most influential artist working. The first is the rappers. Anyone can be a rapper, note I didn’t say a GOOD rapper, but a rapper. Learning how to play an instrument and write songs requires a bigger investment. But people are making it. Just like Mariah Carey begat Christina Aguilera and the Melisma Maddies of TV singing competitions, we’re going to have a bunch of girls singing songs from the heart. Ms. Swift is the biggest star in America, if you’re not trying to replicate her success, you’re looking up a blind alley. She represents everything classic rock used to…catchy stuff sung from the heart that sets your mind free.
Bob Lefsetz in February 2014 x (via redprincess)

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Shopping in LA with Lorde 2/23/14 (x)
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iamjamesmcvey: Watchu looking at
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So why did you go away
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